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Let’s Talk Cron

We’ve all heard about it, and we’ve all had to deal with it: Missed posts! It’s especially painful if you depend on your post content to get out on time, or worse, if you’re scheduling your posts to a social media outlet of some sort! … Continue reading » The post Let’s...
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Dealing with Brute Force Attacks by Yourself

In this post, I’m going to give you the tips and tricks I use on an everyday basis for handling those pesky brute force attempts by yourself on your own server. This post assumes that you know a few things about Linux systems, so excuse … Continue reading » The post Dealing...
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Handling AJAX in WordPress in Style

AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML) isn’t something that should be feared by anyone. It’s insanely powerful, versatile, and can provide your users cool experiences like processing forms without page redirection, dynamically loading posts while a user scrolls the page, and much...
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Some really cool gadgets!

I don’t blog much, but this blog is here, so why not.  In this video put together by FreezeHD on YouTube, you’ll see some really neat gadgets of course, I personally LOVE the flic and The Habitat, these are some really nice, life-enhancing gadgets, though that’s...
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I’m excited to leave the freelance scene behind me and work with a team. Working for myself, by myself, for two years had grown tiresome and frustrating to find new clients. Working with WDS, I’ll get to have the workload I want, along with the guaranteed paycheck I need.
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WordPress: Doesn’t support FULLTEXT indexes

When you install a plugin, or change your database engine, you may get the error that the WordPress database table does not support fulltext indexes.  According to Google this is most commonly related to a plugin called YARPP, or ‘yet another related posts plugin’...
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WordPress Options Framework: Stable release

Finally got around to removing bugs and doing some code optimizations for my JW Options Framework.  The framework is now stable and saves options as expected.  However, I had removed some things such as the RegEx capabilities.  The only bug that should be considered is the...
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WordPress Options Framework on Git

I finally took the time to start moving my JW Options Framework for WordPress over to Github.  I finally came to the conclusion that it’s going to be completely open source.  Right now the code itself isn’t uploaded, check the Issue tracker for why.  Hopefully...
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Education vs Shortcodes for WordPress Clients

If the working all night on a project for a client of mine and I just figured I would write something. When the client first approached me as do most clients he was quite distraught, they had some issues with the previous developers and overall was quite unhappy with the results...
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Quick Services Rundown

  • Plugin Development (Ground Up)

    Have an idea? Can't seem to find that one perfect plugin? I can make your ideas a reality! I know it's a cliché, but honestly, there's no other way to put it. From advanced API integration to simple content editing, I can do it all.
  • Website Repair

    Was your site just hacked? Did your previous developer break something and leave you in the dust? When your WordPress is down, you're potentially loosing thousands of dollars. Well that's why I'm here. I can fix just about anything and within a reasonable time frame.
  • Post-Install Development

    So you finally found that one plugin you've always wanted, but it just seems to be missing that one little addition that would offer you the complete package you're looking for? Well I've altered hundreds of plugins and themes; from simple administrator panel additions, all the way to full API integration. There isn't much I cannot do, and if I can't, I know people who can!
  • New Website

    Already own a company? Maybe you're a photographer starting out? Why not get your work on the net and start getting yourself noticed? I can provide comprehensive solutions to get you going from the ground up. I can even give you online training on how to use your new site once it's finished. But I don't stop there. We are with you whenever you need us, 24/7.
Funk Flex Set To Launch Fashion,Sneaker And Lifestyle Destinations In NYC, Online & Mobile!
A completely custom WordPress setup from the ground up. I implemented everything I learned from
In Flex We Trust, or IFWT for short, is an existing and on-going client of mine. There have
One of my best clients was this nice group of ladies who owned a start-up travel agency.  They