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Ignore Negativity and Move On!

Sometime around 2013, maybe earlier, I got into WordPress, and faked my skills as much as possible. “I’m a WordPress developer” I’d say, “I could build you a cheap website, at low cost.” During this time I’d bid projects for just a few $100 saying “I know what I’m doing”. And I kept telling myself that for years. Making a few hundred here, and occasionally maybe five-hundred there…

Truth be told, all I did was setup themes, and configure them. I was told repeatedly, “that will get you nowhere, there’s no jobs like that here.” I’ll never forget my LinkedIn profile comment, I labeled myself as a MySQL expert, and it wasn’t long before someone found that I knew NOTHING about SQL at the time aside from using a UI to alter data. BUT, I put myself out there, to learn, and to be told I’m wrong, so I can be taught more.

Then came a big decision for me, college. All around me people would say, “you need a college degree to go somewhere…” which in some fields, yes, that’s totally true. This is absolutely not true for web development. There are so many resources out there today to learn. In fact, I actually dropped out of college when my professor told me, “let’s keep it simple for the other students” and she failed my submission because I went the extra mile to code a GUI for the project.

In my state, for the most part, work is secluded ( at least from my view ) into three main categories. The Mines, Medical, or Food… It was actually suggested to me that I go into the mines, or even the military in order to support my family.

WordPress, has literally changed that for me, and so MUCH for the better. Some people can’t understand why I’m so passionate about my work, why I work long hours ( be it for WebDevStudios or myself ). It’s purely because I love what I do. There’s so much knowledge sharing that goes on at our company, so much to be learned about WordPress and PHP, and a ton of new challenging tasks that come up, I just never get bored.

To all of you who think you can’t do something, or are in a small town telling you that you must join this career path, throw up the middle finger and walk away smiling, joker-style! For added effect, throw in that evil laugh he has.

No I haven’t got to see the world yet, but I’m working on it. I’m grateful to be working for an amazing company that has taught me so much and has enough trust in me to make me a Lead Back-End developer. I look forward to being with these guys in the coming years, it’s been almost 3 so far, let’s make it another 3, shall we?

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