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Author: Jay

From GPL to Commercial

For some time, I’ve had this one plugin, not many know it exists, and it literally had only ONE install, which was me. To be clear, this is NOT talking about Content Warning v2 – I would NEVER make that commercial. Too many sites use it. ┬áRather; this is talking about Minecraft Suite. Minecraft Suite is more of a passion project of mine, and has been for some time. ┬áI’ve added code that’s needed to accommodate my day-to-day server management needs. To date it only has two features: Server Status Widget – Shows rather a server is online or offline. Whitelist Application Management – A form, shortcode, and corresponding back-end post type to store/approve white-list applications. Not much to go commercial I know, but hear me out. I…

Back to Civilization

After the nuclear fallout that was my web-server crash, I finally took some time to bring the site back online. A bit bland obviously, mainly due to my lack of ‘wanting to put everything back’. I gotta say, after a crash like that, completely losing my entire database. It was utterly stupid of me to assume ‘that won’t happen to me’ — when it obviously did. Hmpf, oh well, shit happens I guess, time to rebuild! Time to rebuild it BETTER, and MORE AMAZING! Until then, you may want to checkout the AWESOME company I work for, or even some of my blog articles there. Check out my profile @ Follow me on Twitter for random happenings/thoughts