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Content Warning V2

Sometime ago, I was working with an amazing Tattooist – however, as we all know some tattoos/piercings are NSFW. For that, we needed to provide a disclaimer to users visiting her website that the content was possibly NSFW, but still allow certain WordPress categories the ability to be viewed, if they were okay.

To my surprise,┬áthere was only ONE plugin that had what we needed; enter – Content Warning. The original plugin was provided on the WordPress repo, but was grossly outdated. The original author wasn’t taking care of it anymore. So, in the spirit of the GPL – I forked the plugin and added a slew of new features and bug-fixes.

Content Warning v2 - A responsive warning plugin.
Content Warning v2 – A responsive warning plugin.


  • Gate Individual Posts
  • Gate Individual Pages
  • Gate Individual Categories
  • Specify cookie time ( in days ) – or just for the browser session
  • Block or redirect users who previously denied your terms.
  • Customize enter & exit links
  • Customize the message, enter, and exit text
  • Customize the CSS in the settings page
  • Customize the background color via a simple color selector, along with it’s opacity
  • Blanket protect misc. pages like search and archives

Download/Fork on Github >>>